I designed this poster and logo for a youth theatre in my local area of Donegal. I created a poster with a flat design and a primary colour palette of green, orange and white. I chose these colours as they complimented each other nicely allowing the orange text boxes and logo to standout against the green and focus attention towards them. Also it’s very Irish.

I also varied the tone box around pieces of text to act as a sort of full stop and break up the wall of text by its coloured background and make each piece of information appear self-contained, snappy and direct.

I also depicted a monochrome silhouette of a scene from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet"as it is in my opinion one of the most iconic scenes from theatre.

I also designed the logo. I wanted to create something that used the classic theatre masks but used them in a modern and fresh way. So I made this simple flat designed logo that stemmed from a circle. I then added the noses, created mouths and drew a white line down the centre to separate the two faces. I then overlayed "aurora youth theatre” in a way the the text would be used to in a sense draw in the remaining facial features such as the eyes, the crease of a cheek plumping up from a smile (y) or appear as a tear (e).


I added a summer variant of the initial poster I designed as per request, for later class happening in the summer months. I kept the same colour scheme as it was warm, in keeping with the classes occurring during summer, and also because the green, white and orange helped signify Ireland. REPRESENT!

A few minor tweaks include chunkier boxes to emphasise text better and to also make the text more legible. However since this was a summer variant of the drama theatre I added palm trees, because nothing says summer like a palm tree (and in Ireland rain).

I also added a pair of aviator shades to the hamlet skull as a cheeky twist helping push the summer themes and also because I thought to was funny.