I was commissioned to design a poster for Inver Summer Camp. I was asked to create something, bright, colourful, summery and appealing to children. 

I decided to use a warm colour palette to reflect summer using, yellow, orange and red. I also used silhouetted images around the summer camp logo to highlight some of the activities the camp was hosting such as sports, music and then just general recreation using the bouncy castle image. I also went with a thick, chunky font that seemed more childlike and thus more appealing.  

The poster was as reused as advertising for the camp in 2013. However, this time I was also asked to create an “End-of-Camp Participation Certificate”. I kept the design in theme which the poster, i.e.; using the same colour-palette, logo I designed and other icons and general aesthetics seen on the poster. 

The poster was also designed entirely within the Apple Pages application, with the exception of the logo and trophy icon which were designed within Adobe Photoshop. 

I also was asked to design a brochure in keeping with the theme. Please note I was asked to include the clip-art by the commissioner even after I explained it would be best to exclude. Some people can be very persistent. 

These brochures were then passed around schools around the local area as well as placed in stores for parents to see and get the word of the camp around.