Short character animation commissioned by multiple Guinness World Record holder @RyanTracey_Duff of Britain's Got Talent, Ninja Warrior UK and Duff Balloons fame tased on his popular Balloon Ninja Character.

Duff Balloon Website:



I had to redesign Ryans existing Balloon Ninja character which was made up of himself in a suit with a large balloon modelled head into a character that would be much more friendly and usable in an animation setting. 

When creating the character I wanted to be as faithful to the roots of the original character. This included me recreating the suit pattern from reference photos and matching colour schemes.

I wanted the character to retain some of the balloon aesthetic from the real life counter part. So I kept the oversized head and tried to round off the character to still have an inflated feel. This included large rounded fingers and an inner glow that that casted around the character to make the character feel more solid and less flat.  

Untitled 2.png

Initial storyboard pitch. A quick 6 panel image I used to help explain the character animation I made when looking into the brief.

Another fun part of the brief was to create to small looping animations based on popular dances or action. We decided to have Duff perform a Floss and Double Dab action. 

We really wanted to show off Duff's personality and show how he as a character can be a part of current trends in his own way. One of the challenges was adapting these actions to fit in with his ninja persona. They had to be fast and snappy but also smooth and fluid while still recognisable. 

We aim to keep developing the character and creating more and more of these fun reactionary looped animations.