I'm an award winning (somehow) animator from Donegal, Ireland. 

I always hate doing these about me texts as who really knows what to say. All I can say is that I love to make characters and stories and see them come to life before people. 

I know quite a bit about 2D and 3D animation but after a Distinction and First Class Honours I would hope I put those four years to good use. 

Since I'm terrible with words you can read up more about me here via Donegal Daily who were able to take my madman ramblings and shameful misspelling and make me seem that little bit more coherent.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to contact me with with anything at all. Even if it's just no rant about the weather or this obnoxiously photo of me to the left. The filter did not help them brows.  


Currently Employed:

Graphic Designer/Animator at MetaCompliance Ltd & Freelance


BA Hons in Animation Student with a First Class Honours from Letterkenny Institute of Technology