This short demo was done as part of a college assignment to demonstrate current skills attained in working in and with Maya after a few classes over the course of 3 months. I was tasked with creating a short 15-30 second animation based on the title “A Brief Encounter”.

So clocking in at around 52 second I think I made my goal and then overshot it by quite a bit. The thing is though I just had too much fun making this and probably only animated ⅓ of what I intend to. Which is why this will continue to be my own personal little pet project to keep working on (he writes hopefully, knowing I probably won’t).

This is literally my first (successful?) attempt at character modelling, rigging,, cameras, lighting, shadows, textures, pretty much everything Maya can throw at me. Essential what I’m trying to “humbly” say is that this is basically me and Maya at my most mediocre. 

The entire film (with the exception of one bird and half a worm model) was made in the span of 3 weeks on a single MacBook working over time. Pretty sure I busted my fan putting together this little short. It’s for sure a little rough around the, well, everywhere but as far as a first try after a short period of time and on limited hardware (the title took 33 hours alone to render) I’m pretty proud.

Now I just have to hope I can get better. Oh and if anyone feels like donating a Mac Pro or something, feel free. I ain’t gonna stop you.